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Welcome to Speech Explorers

Bringing Kids' Communication Skills into the Home & Community

In an abundance of caution due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we are suspending in-person explorations.


With so many of our children now out of school, spending their days their homes and neighborhoods, we invite you to check out our Communication Quests that will keep your speech explorers busy while reinforcing key speech-language skills:

In the Community

(don't forget to maintain safe social distance

and clean your hands frequently!)

Family Cooking
Kids Playing with Chalk

Speech Explorers in Action

Maple Aviva group
IMG_9873 (1)
IMG_9902 (1)
Brookside  Maple Syrup Fest
Brookside  Maple Syrup Fest

First annual Silver Spring Speaks at the Fenton Street Market

Summer 2015 Events: Dig & Draw Day

Summer 2015 Events: Dig & Draw Day

Summer 2015 Events: Dig & Draw Day

photo 4-1.jpg
Maker Faire.jpg

Summer 2015 Events: Smithsonian Folklife Festival


First annual Silver Spring Speaks at Eggspectation

Any kid can be a Speech Explorer!


Parents, teachers, and clinicians can use our unique, easy-to-follow guides and resources to help children build their speech, language, listening, and social communication skills while out in the community or at home. Read more about the FOUR SKILL AREAS WE TARGET here.


Speech Explorers is thrilled to have been featured in the American Speech-Language Hearing Association's celebrated journal, The ASHA Leader! Check us out here!



     How it Works:


  • Choose from a variety of printable and mobile Communication Quests in the two categories:                      


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