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Saturday, January 17th, 2pm         

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Celebrate and honor Martin Luther King Jr. with various activities for kids ages 0-12.
Grow listening, Learning, and Language Skills through a puppet show, reader's theatre, crafting time, and reciting quotes from MLK's famous speeches.


EXPLORE: Action Words
ENRICH: Past Tense Verbs

ENGAGE: Watch and discuss a puppet show about the civil rights

            struggle using past verb tenses.



  • Watch the puppet show with your child. Afterwards, compare how things have changed since the time of the Civil Rights movement using past and present tense verbs.                                     

    • For example: march/marched, fight/fought, organize, organized, allow/allowed, discriminate/discriminated.


EXPLORE: Listening and Improvising
ENRICH: Auditory Processing

ENGAGE: Interpret and act out what you hear during Reader's Theater



  • While children listen to "Martin's Big Words" encourage them to listen carefully to the story, and use their hands and body to interpret what is being read by the librarian. Emphasize the action words/verbs that will help them act out each part. After the library event, play charades with your child to help them build auditory skills, as well as gestural communication skills.



BONUS Parent Tip: Explore other auditory memory strategies here.

ENRICH: Phonemic Skills

ENGAGE: During PEACE DOVE CRAFT work on /s/



  • As you create your PEACE DOVE craft project with your child, have your child practice pronouncing his/her /s/ sound as clearly as possible, with his/her tongue in a midline position (up behind front teeth or down benind bottom teeth). If your child is able to say the words correctly, have him/her say a sentence or make a request using each word.

  • Target /s/ words: PeaCe, Sparkle, ScissorS, PleaSE paSS....


h Sounds



EXPLORE: Prosody
ENRICH: The ability to use intonation/voice patterns to emphasize 

ENGAGE: Practice reading MLK quotes using patterns of stress on 

            different words and syllables



  • Have your child read the quote while putting empahsis on different words. Discuss how that vocal/speech pattern may change will help get that message across to the audience.

  • If your child is easily able to identify the emotion behind the quote, ask him/her to describe it (enthusiastic, proud, etc)

  • Talk about how his/her body language can effect how this quote will be heard and understood by others.

  • Discuss how a person's face and body can also express his/her feelings while speaking.

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