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Labor Day Celebrations

Monday, September 7th in towns throughought the region, including:

Greenbelt, MD ~ Kensington, MD ~ Herndon, VA

The DC/MD/VA area is rife with parades and carnivals in celebration of Labor Day. So, pick your local Labor Day festival and enjoy a day of holiday fun as you help your child strengthen his/her language skills!


EXPLORE: Describing
ENRICH: Sensory Descriptors

ENGAGE: The ability to describe a food item


Labor Day festivals often have a wide array of food, often from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Challenge your child to try a food he/she has never tasted before and use his/her senses to describe the experience.



  • After your child tastes the new food, have him/her describe the food using the following senses. Remind him/her to use complete sentences:

    • How does it look? (e.g. size, shape, color)

    • How does it feel? (e.g. texture, hardness)

    • How does it taste? (e.g. salty, sweet, bitter, sour, spicy)


*Bonus: After your child is done describing the food, ask him/her to state his/her opinion of the new food in a sentence and give a reason for that opinion (e.g. "I liked the mango because it was sweet and juicy.")


EXPLORE: Following Directions
ENRICH: Understanding Multi-Step Oral Directions

ENGAGE: The ability to follow directions to play a game


It is an ideal situation to practice following directions with your child when he/she is motivated to do something fun. A Labor Day festival can present the perfect opportunity for your child to work on following directions in order to play a fun carnival game.



  • Have your child choose a game that he/she wants to play. Ask the perosn in charge of the game to explain the directions (if it is an un-attended game, give the directions to your child yourself). Then, ask your child to do the following:

    • Restate the directions in complete sentences

    • Use sequencing words such as first, next, then, and last

    • Follow the directions to play the game

      • If your child forgets a direction, give him/her a verbal cue such as, "You threw the first beanbag and didn't make it in the hole. What do you have to do next?"



EXPLORE: Articulation
ENRICH: Pronunciation of Speech Sounds in Sentences

ENGAGE: The ability to produce the /p/ sound


The /p/ sound is one of the earliest-developing sounds and it is also a very common sound in the English language. Being able to make a clear, strong /p/ sound helps children to be better understood by others.



  • Have your child practice /p/ while watching a Labor Day Parade! See if he/she can find 10 objects or actions in the parade that have the /p/ sound in them (e.g. PuPPy, jumPing, caP). Then, ask him/her to use each word in a sentence. Remind him/her to:

    • Make a strong /p/ sound by closing his/her lips and releasing them with a puff of air

    • Use a complete sentence

    • Speak slowly and clearly

EXPLORE: Conversations With Peers
ENRICH: Social Use of Language

ENGAGE: The ability to initiate a conversation


In order to make new friends, children need to be able to initiate a conversation with someone they don't know. A Labor Day festival is a great place to practice this skill because there are so many exciting topics to talk about.



  • Challenge your child to introduce themselves to another child at the festival and to start a conversation. Before your child approaches someone, help them brainstorm ideas for festival-related topics to talk about, such as an interesting performance in the parade or a favorite carnival activity.

    • Start with a greeting (e.g. "Hello")

    • Introduce him/herself (e.g. "My name is ___")

    • Make a comment or ask a question (e.g. "What was your favorite part of the parade?"


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