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The Montgomery County


Saturday, March 28th from 11am-4pm at Jessup Blair Park in Downtown Silver Spring

Practice speech and language skills while learning about the environment and enjoying the arrival of spring weather at the first annual Montgomery County GreenFest!


EXPLORE: Verbalizing Thoughts and Feelings
ENRICH: Expressive Sentence Formulation

ENGAGE: The ability to express an opinion



  • Climb a tree with the Montgomery Parks arborists! After your child has had the chance to scale a tree like a professional, have them talk about what they thought of the experience:

    • Level 1: Ask your child, "Was climbing the tree scary or fun? Why?" Have them use the pattern sentence, "Climbing the tree was ____ because ____" when they answer.

    • Level 2: Ask your child, "Was climbing the tree scary or fun" and ask them to give you three reasons to support their opinion. E.g. Climbing the tree was fun because it I went up high, I could see far, and I got to do something new."

EXPLORE: Auditory Comprehension
ENRICH: Answering Multiple Choice and Wh- Questions

ENGAGE: The ability to respond to oral comprehension questions



  • Watch the Children's Water Films and participate in the facilitated discussions. Afterwards, ask your child to answer questions to show how much they understood:

    • Level 1: Ask your child the following multiple-choice questions:

      • Which is better for the environment: juice boxes or reusable water bottles?

      • How many video game players end up in dumps: millions or hundreds?

      • What can be composted: food garbage or clothing?

      • What can make you happier: a lot of "stuff" or one thing you love?

    • Level 2: Ask your child the following wh- questions:

      • Why are juice boxes not good for the environment? (Because they won't disintigrate for 300 years)

      • How many different countries do the parts in a video game player come from? (18)

      • What four categories of garbage can be recycled? (Paper, plastic, glass, and metal)

      • Why did Clementine win the Happiness Challenge? (Because she picked one thing she truly loved)



EXPLORE: Velar Sounds
ENRICH: Articulation of Individual Sounds for Clear Communication

ENGAGE: Practice producing the /k/ sound



  • Start the day by reminding your child of strategies that help with producing a good /k/ sound: use the back of your tongue and touch it to the roof of your mouth, then release it with a puff of air.

  • As you explore the festival, make a list of words you find that contain /k/ (may be spelled with a "c" or "q"): e.g. eleCtriC, Car, Climb, recyCle, oaK,

  • Have your child practice these words at his/her ability level:

    • Level 1: Say each word in isolation five times, then use it in a short phrase (e.g. "eleCtriC Car")

    • Level 2: Use each word in a complete sentence. As a challenge, make up a sentence using 2-3 words. (e.g. "OaK trees grow in Maryland.")


h Sounds

EXPLORE: Polite Social Interactions
ENRICH: Greetings

ENGAGE: The ability to greet strangers



  • Explore the exhibitors at the festival. At each exhibit, have your child greet the person running the booth:

    • Level 1: With your child, brainstorm 2-3 simple ways your child can greet the exhibitor. For example, "Hello!" "Hi," or "Nice to meet you." Have him/her greet each of the people at the booths.

    • Level 2: Perform the Level 1 activity, but have your child also ask an introductory question to learn about the topic at the exhibit. For example, he/she could say, "Hello! What is your exhibit about?"


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