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Montgomery County

Farm Tour & Harvest Sale

Saturday, July 22th and Sunday, July 23rd throughout Montgomery Couty, MD

Explore participating farms throughout the county, participating in activities from petting zoos to pick-your-own fruits to wagon rides and practicing speech and language skills with your child throughout your journey.


EXPLORE: Categorical Knowledge
ENRICH: Expressive Vocabulary

ENGAGE: The ability to name objects within a category



  •  As you explore the environments and activities offered at the farm you are visiting, ask your child to name at least 5 objects in each of the following categories:

    • Farm animals (e.g. cow, pig)

    • Farm crops - you can explain that crops include fruits, vegetables, grains, etc. (e.g. corn, wheat)

    • Farm tools and equipment (e.g. tractor, shovel)


EXPLORE: Inferencing
ENRICH: Higher-Level Oral Comprehension

ENGAGE: The ability to using inferencing & Background knowledge to solve riddles



  • As you explore the farm, play "I Spy" and provide clues about animals and objects you see on the farm. Challenge your child to:

    • Solve clues about what the item looks like (e.g. I spy something that is pink, short, and fat . . . A pig)

    • Solve clues about the function of the item (e.g. I spy something that you use to dig holes . . . A shovel)

    • Solve clues about where the item can be found (e.g. I spy something that grows in a field on a stalk . . . Corn)




EXPLORE: Rhotic Vowels
ENRICH: Articulation of Individual Sounds for Clear Communication

ENGAGE: The ability to produce the six forms of vocalic /r/




  • While exploring the farm, make a list with your child of at least three farm-related words that have each of the vocalic /r/ forms and have your child practice them in the following environments:

    • Word in isolation (e.g. tractor)

    • Word in a phrase (e.g. big tractor)

    • Word in a sentence (e.g. I see someone on a tractor)

EXPLORE: Polite social interactions
ENRICH: Social Use of Language

ENGAGE: The ability to ask for instructions



Most of the farms on the farm tour offer a pick-your-own option for a variety of summer fruits. This is a great opportunity for your child to practice asking for instructions and clarification, a skill which is vital when in a learning environment.


  • At the pick-your-own station, have your child interact with the farm staff and practice the following social language skills:

    • Initiate the conversation and ask for instructions for the pick-your-own produce (e.g. Excuse me - how does the pick-your-own strawberries field work?)

    • Ask a follow-up question (e.g. How can I tell if the strawberries are ripe? How much do the strawberries cost?)

    • Politely end the conversation (e.g. Thank you so much for your help.)


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