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The Bowling Alley

Kids Bowl Free in the summer: MD Locations ~ VA Locations

Thanks to the Kids Bowl Free program, your children can practice speech and language skills while bowling two free games a day all summer long.


EXPLORE: Descriptive Language
ENRICH: Expressive Vocabulary

ENGAGE: The ability to describe items using physical characteristics



  • A bowling alley has many interesting objects for your child to explore, which is the perfect opportunity to practice describing skills. The shoes, to the balls, to the lanes - each bowling item has different physical characteristics to describe.

  • Pick at least three items your child can see and touch in the bowling alley and have him/her describe them based on the following characteristics:

    • Size - e.g. long, tall

    • Weight - e.g. heavy, light

    • Texture - e.g. smooth, rough

EXPLORE: Understanding Question Forms
ENRICH: Oral Comprehension

ENGAGE: The ability to understand questions related to quantities



  • Bowling provides the perfect environment in which to practice understanding questions related to math concepts. "How many ..." questions challenge your child to practice careful listening, counting, and basic addition and subtraction. As you bowl, ask your child the following questions, giving him/her choices as a support if needed:

    • How many pins did you knock down?

    • How many pins are left?

    • How many pins would you have left if you knocked down one more?




EXPLORE: Alliteration
ENRICH: Phonemic Skills

ENGAGE: Increase awareness of beginning sounds



  • Alliteration is when the same sound occurs at the beginning of several words in a row. Being able to identify and/or create alliteration allows a child to learn to pay attention to the iniital sounds in words.

  • To practice alliteration, use the example "bowling ball" - ask your child, "what part of those two words is the same?" and help him/her identify that both words start with the /b/ sound. See if your child can come up with more examples of alliteration using the following words:

    • Lane (e.g. long lane)

    • Shoe (e.g. shiny shoe)

    • Game (e.g. good game)

EXPLORE: Politeness While Playing Games
ENRICH: Social Interactions with Peers

ENGAGE: The ability to show good sportsmanship



  • Being a good sport whether you are winning or losing is an important social skill for children to develop. Sportsmanship can be demonstrated verbally, as well as through body language. Brainstorm with your child ways that he/she can be a good sport while bowling with friends. See if he/she can come up with:

    • Something encouraging to say to someone who is losing

    • Something to say if you win that isn't boastful

    • A nonverbal way of showing respect for an opponent



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